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Driving under the influence of alcohol has started to become a dangerous epidemic among young drivers in the state of California. I the entire country of America, the legal limit for driving with alcohol in your system is a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08% or lower. This legal limit was set up to warn people that after that level, a person’s ability to function begins to deteriorate, which means that the person will not be able to properly operate a vehicle.


Police remind people all over the country that this limit could be reached with just one drink for some people. Even at the legal limit for driving under the influence, the driver is still 11 times more likely to crash than someone without any alcohol in their system. Many years of research has also shown that impairment of the senses begins after the first drink for both men and women. Police will look for a variety of reasons in order to stop a vehicle being driven by a suspected driver under the influence. If you are stopped for any other traffic violation and the officer could smell the alcohol on your breathe or you appear to be under the influence, then the officer will put you through a sobriety test. You could also be stopped for not being able to remain in one lane of traffic or for driving way under the speed limit in order to be able to drive in a straight line.


Driving under the influence is not worth crashing and losing your life, which is why police will stop you and put you through the sobriety test if you show any signs of being under the influence. This process has saved many lives and will save many more lives in the future. The cost for being arrested for driving under the influence can also be steep. Police estimate that after you have completed everything involving your DUI conviction, you will have paid about $8,500.


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