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What is a bail bond?



A Bail bond is a form used to release someone from jail using bail. A bail bond can be purchased from any licensed bail agent. This is a sort of promise that the defendant will show up to all of his or her court dates that the jailer will assign to the arrestee at the jail. If, for some reason the inmate fails to show up to court, then the bail bond agency will be responsible for finding the inmate or paying the full bail amount.

How much do bail bonds cost in La Crescenta?



​The cost of a bail bond differs from state to state, but it is usually 10% of the full bail amount. It is illegal for bail bond agencies to charge anything less than the mandated fee. There are no hidden fees or charges on any bail bond. Our bail bond agencies proved payment plans to make this situation easier.

What is Collateral?



In some cases, bail bond agencies will require that you provide some sort of collateral in order to complete the bond, which helps ensure that the defendant will show up to their court date. Some forms of collateral may be cash, lien on a property, jewelry, furniture or any asset of value. All collateral will be returned to you once the case is over.

How are bail amounts set?



The jailer will set the bail amount after receiving the charges from the arresting officer. The severity of the charges determines the bail amount. The purpose of the bail amount is to make the inmate realize the severity of their actions and will help ensure that the defendant won’t commit the same crime again.

How can I pay for a bail bond for La Crescenta jail?



​At Sunrise Bail Bonds La Crescenta we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Anyone can pay for a bond, even if they are not related to the inmate. If you cannot come up with the full bail amount, then we could work around your schedule and come up with a payment plan that suites your financial situation.

How can I tell which bail agent is best?



There are many bail bond agencies out there that scam people and falsely soliciting. You should always ask the bail agency for the agent’s first and last names as well as their license number and verify the information using Department of Insurance website.

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