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Even though the process of bail is somewhat uniform throughout a given county, it can be that some police or sheriff stations have their own guidelines or rules when it comes to releasing a defendant from their custody. Los Angeles County has most of its jails working under one set of rules.


La Crescenta is served by the La Crescenta Sheriff Department, which operates a jail unit at their station. When a person commits a crime and therefore is taken in and brought to the La Crescenta jail, he or she will go through a routine check up and will be processed in to custody. Normally live-scanned and a DNA sample will be obtained at the time of booking. The arrestee later will be given a booking number and the finger-prints will be forwarded to the Department of justice for background check and to determine if the person in jail has any warrants or holds which prevents him from bailing out and fighting the court case from outside.


As soon as the finger-prints are returned and there are no holds on the defendants, a bail may be posted by using a CA licensed bail bondsman. You may contact a local licensed bail agent in your area by calling our number here at Bail Bonds La Crescenta. Our agents throughout southern California are ready 24/7 to explain and help you understand the easy steps of getting someone out of custody.


Once you reach one of our agents, he will immediately contact the jailers at the La Crescenta Sheriff jail and obtain all the information needed to transact the bail and get the defendant freed. Your bail agent will meet you at the police station and complete a set of simple paperwork that include but not limited to a bail application. Shortly after, the defendant will be released with a date for his first court appearance.


The defendant is required to show up to all court dates until the case is settled and the bond is exonerated. Any violation to court orders will result in the defendant getting re-arrested. The agent will provide the defendant with a receipt and a date for the first court appearance. People who are arrested at the La Crescenta station will normally appear at the pasadena Superior Court for felonies, or Glendale Superior Court for misdemeanors.


For further assistance, please call any of our agents in your area at (818) 330-4222 and they’ll be ready to assist you.

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