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Resident of La Crescenta wakes up to robbery

A woman in the city of Crescenta was sleeping in her home with her 10-month-old baby one normal Saturday night when she suddenly awoke to the sound of a man breaking into her house. At first she did not know what was all the noise coming from so she decided to check it out. As she walked out into the living room, the robber heard her and hid until she got close enough for him to attack her. The suspect and the victim fought for a short while, but the robber ended up taking her cell phone and credit cards and fled the scene. The victim immediately called the police on her land line phone in the house. When the police arrived they sent a search party for the suspect but had no luck. Paramedics were on the scene and checked out the victim and her baby but they were both fine. Police are looking for any help with finding the suspect and if you have any information that could lead to the capture of this fugitive please contact the La Crescenta Sheriff’s office.

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